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10 Questions to ask when touring Wedding Venues in Alberta Canada

One of the most essential tasks in your wedding planning process is deciding When and Where you will have your wedding. Choosing “the where” is one of the biggest decisions. If unprepared, it can be stressful. Once you come across a venue that has set your heart pumping, here are 10 questions to ask when touring wedding venues in Alberta, Canada. This is based on our experience being a wedding photographer in Alberta. Other vendors might have a different perspective.

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Here are 10 Questions to ask when touring Wedding Venues in Alberta

1. What type of wedding venue do you both like?

Every couple is different. So discuss what type of wedding venue you prefer. Choosing the right place whether it is a rustic barn, a grand hotel ballroom, a mountain venue or a garden, your venue should reflect what your taste help your vision for your wedding come to life.

2. How many guests can the venue accommodate?

When planning a large or a small wedding make sure the venue has room for everyone to mingle with ease. Nothing puts a damper on your special day than feeling cramped for space.

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3. What are their wedding packages and what is included?

Some venues provide the space for a certain timeframe, others include chairs, linen, dinnerware etc. Compare what is included vs renting them on top of venue rental. If you have guests from out of town, you may want to look at hotel/camping accommodations.

4. What other events are going on at the venue on the same day?

It’s always good to check if the venue will be inclusive to you. If there will be other events, ask how will the space be separated. How will the guests be directed? Also don’t forget to ask if there will be any soundproofing especially if it is a banquet hall or hotel ballroom. If you’re planning to use a banquet hall or hotel ballroom for an event, it’s important to consider soundproofing. This will help to minimize any noise disturbances and ensure a more comfortable experience for guests.

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5. What is included with the venue rental? What you are responsible for renting or supplying? 

Find out what the venue is providing and what you must bring in yourselves or rent. Some examples include a signing table, a ceremony arch, a sound system with a wireless or lapel microphone and easels for directional signage.

6. Are there any Decor restrictions?

Many indoor venues don’t allow real petals down the aisle. Some churches have restrictions on the type of decor for the altar. It is important to ask what is allowed when touring your wedding venue.

7. Does the Wedding Venue have a preferred vendor list?

It is always good to ask if the venue has a preferred vendor list. Some venues require that you pick vendors from that list. If the venue agrees that you can bring your vendors, check if there are any special requirements like insurance, business license etc that they will need from the vendors.

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8. Do they provide a day of Coordination?

A wedding venue coordinator has a different role compared to the day of coordinator. The venue coordinator works for the venue.

The venue coordinators help with the catering, layout of the room, managing their staff and taking requests from the couple about the specifics of the day, like load-in times and AV requirements.

Sometimes they will provide referrals to vendors, but they may receive kickbacks from vendors they refer. Still, if you don’t have a planner on your side, they are a good source of recommendations that are specific to that venue and it’s a good place to start.

A hired independent wedding coordinator works for you. They will look out for your needs, specific requirements and will ensure the wedding day as a whole picture is running smoothly. They communicate, coordinate logistics with the venue and ensure all the other vendors, like ceremony musicians, photographers, videographers, cake vendors, florists for the reception, etc. are on the same page throughout the day if needed.

10 Questions to ask when touring Wedding Venues in Alberta

9. Do they ask vendors to have liability insurance?

You don’t want to be held responsible if a drunk cousin gets injured during the dance party. If the venue doesn’t ask for vendors to have insurance, you’ll need to get your own. Some venues make it mandatory that you have your insurance.

Questions to ask when touring wedding venues in Alberta

10. What’s their weather contingency (backup) plan for outdoor spaces?

If the venue does not offer a backup plan, [couples] should ask their wedding planner to provide backup options, including the pros and cons as well as any anticipated costs. “If couples don’t have a wedding planner, they can ask the venue for guidance on what they’ve seen done [in the past] to accommodate for a backup plan.

10 Questions to ask when touring Wedding Venues in Edmonton, Alberta

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