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5 tips that will help you look best in your wedding photos

Planning a wedding is stressful with so many aspects to take into consideration. All those stressful days &  months of hard work will come down to your wedding day. To keep the memory of your Wedding day alive you will need good wedding photos. Therefore, if you are stressful not looking great, you might not like your wedding photos. So let’s talk about how to look best in your wedding photos

To make a moment memorable, you need to be present. Since you are planning your wedding day, all the vendors know you. You have been their first point of contact. As hosts, you for your guests. How can you be present on your big day and ensure it all goes well? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your wedding day, so you can be present and look best in your wedding photos.

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Do an Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are incredibly important, and they’re much more than just a regular photo session. This is because it’s essentially a practice session for your wedding day photos. Firstly, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know your photographer and to become comfortable in front of the camera. Secondly, the photographer will get a better idea of what you and your partner are like as a couple and what you both prefer or dislike when being photographed. Lastly, it’s a chance to have some fun and capture some stunning photos that could be used for your save-the-date cards, guest books, or simply as a beautiful record of your engagement.

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Wedding Day timelines

Having a wedding day timeline helps the planning process as well as for the day to go smoothly. You don’t need a strict timeline, but a generic one will help. Sometimes, couples don’t know how to start wedding planning. So during our initial consultation call, we create timelines that help with the planning. In this call, we want our couples to identify what they don’t want in their wedding and build a structure for the day.

Let’s talk about how to look good in wedding photos. It all depends on your timeline. Good photos take time. Give your photographers enough time so they can do their best. For example, coordinate your photography timelines with your hair and make-up team to ensure everyone is ready to take photos when the photographer arrives. Allow at least 30 minutes as a buffer time to complete your bridal look, which will give you extra time if there is a delay.

Another important point is to give photographers enough time to set up when starting your reception. Even if you’re running late, make sure they are ready with their set-up for the photos. Lastly, include travel times in your timelines and leave a buffer for delays due to traffic.

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Delegate tasks

Delegating tasks can greatly help you on your wedding day. As the host, you have booked wedding vendors and planned the entire day. However, as the person running the show, you cannot be present on your wedding day. Therefore, it is important to delegate tasks to family members and bridesmaids. You should assign someone as the point of contact for all the vendors, so they know everything you have planned and can run the show smoothly. If you want a friend or family member to manage the day, it is recommended that you hire a planner or a day-of coordinator. They will help manage the day without any issues.

Here are some of the tasks you can delegate

  1. Manage timelines and coordinate with the vendors.
  2. Keep the bridal room clean.
  3. A helper for you. For example, this person will be helping with the dress if you need one, will tag along for photo sessions and will ensure you stay hydrated.

Schedule your Wedding day Portrait session during the Golden hour

During wedding planning, it’s often difficult to schedule portrait sessions during the golden hour. To accommodate for this, we recommend our couples to have a 30-minute portrait session after the ceremony, and another 30-minute session during the golden hour. This way, they can have stunning photos in the best lighting conditions.

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Remember to take time just for you two.

As you navigate the timelines, guests, and vendors on your wedding day, it’s important to remember that the day will pass quickly. When you look back on this special occasion, you’ll have many cherished memories with your loved ones. However, we encourage you to take a moment for yourselves and create a special memory that’s just for the two of you. It’s essential to schedule time away from your guests for a coffee, ice cream, or milkshake to savour a moment together. This will create a beautiful memory that will be treasured forever. Remember, your wedding day is all about the two of you.

How do these make us look best in Wedding Photos?

All the above will help you plan your wedding day better. It will make you have fun and be present on your wedding day. When your photographer captures the photos, it will show how you are in the moment in the photographs. All of these will make you look the best in your wedding photos.

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