It's about more than hiring someone to hold a camera and snap a few pictures. After being in the wedding industry for a while, we have a trained eye for anticipating meaningful moments, and bring a sense of calm to the sometimes chaotic wedding day. Our Mission is to capture your special moments in a unique way that beautifully tells the story of your love.

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Getting married and not sure where to start on your wedding day timelines?  Creating a timeline for your wedding day helps you stay organized and keep track of wedding planning. It also is different for every wedding. It depends on what type of wedding and when you want to have the ceremony. The timelines mentioned here are from our experience photographing weddings. Feel free to modify it based on your needs.

Wedding Planning and Photography Tips


Do you need Engagement or Save the date Photos?

As Wedding Photographers, most of the time we hear ” We are not photo people, so I don’t want Engagement photos or Save the date photos”. ” When did engagement photos or Save date Photos become a thing”? “My partner doesn’t like being in the photos, so we are going to pass it. ”  Most […]

Best Engagement Photographer in Edmonton

What to Wear for an Outdoor Family Photo Session in Edmonton, Alberta

The first question every family asks or thinks about once they have booked their family Portraits. What to wear for an outdoor family photo session? It can be a daunting task. Especially if you are like me, indecisive and not confident in your styling capabilities. Dressing oneself and looking pulled together can be challenging, never […]

Family Wall Art Collection

Wedding Day Timeline with a Tea Ceremony

In Asian weddings with Tea ceremonies like Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese or Korean weddings, it is tradition to pay respect to the elders in the family first. So creating a wedding day timeline with a tea ceremony is important. There are a few ways how you can plan your wedding day timeline. Some couples choose to […]

Wedding day timeline with a tea ceremony

Punjabi/Sikh Indian Wedding Timelines

For Indians or any other desi’s living abroad, the phrase Indian Wedding timelines is very generic. There are so many cultures and traditions that there is no one way to define a generic Indian Wedding Timeline. There are different cultures in India. Here you will find timelines for various cultures starting with Punjabi/Sikh Indian Wedding […]

Punjabi or Sikh weddings in Edmonton

Unique Winter Wedding Venues in Edmonton

Before we talk about Winter wedding venues, let’s talk about winter weddings. A lot of couples plan for spring, summer or fall weddings. Living in Alberta means there are more winter months compared to other seasons. Most important is that winter weddings are beautiful. On the whole, they are our absolute favourites. In reality, there […]

Winter wedding venues in Edmonton

How to plan a wedding Tea Ceremony in Canada

A wedding Tea ceremony is one of the most significant wedding traditions. Being a big part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese weddings, it represents a union of two families. It is an opportunity for the couple to show respect and gratitude towards their families. What is the purpose of the wedding tea ceremony? For […]

Vietnamese Tea ceremony in Edmonton


The stakes on how to find a professional wedding photographer are very high. Firstly, your wedding photos will help you re-live the day again. Secondly, unlike other wedding vendors, you will not see your wedding photos on your wedding day. So you will need to find a professional wedding photographer who you can trust. Here […]

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A detailed guide to creating a perfect timeline for your Wedding day

Getting married and not sure where to start on the timelines? You are in the right place. Creating a timeline for your wedding day helps you stay organized and keep track of wedding planning. It also is different for every wedding.

Wedding day timelines

5 tips that will help you look best in your wedding photos

Planning a wedding is stressful with so many aspects to take into consideration. All those stressful days &  months of hard work will come down to your wedding day. To keep the memory of your Wedding day alive you will need good wedding photos. Therefore, if you are stressful not looking great, you might not […]

Vietnamese wedding in Edmonton Alberta

Punjabi or Sikh Wedding in Edmonton

Punjabi or Sikh Weddings like Indian Weddings are full of colour, love, and delicious food. Let’s not forget their love for music and Bangra (dance) moves. Punjab is a state in India and many Punjabis embrace Sikh culture hence people call Sikh weddings Punjabi weddings as well. With so many traditions and rituals the weddings […]

Punjabi or Sikh weddings in Edmonton