5 things to prepare for a winter photo session

Thinking of booking a Winter Photo Session? Winter is a beautiful season. It can be very enjoyable time to take photos only if you know to prepare for it. We come from a place where there is no concept of winter. So it took us some time to get used to being out especially in the -40’s. With living in Edmonton, we have to get used to the cold. You have no choice. One of the questions we always get is how can we prepare for a Winter photo session?

As a Natural light Photographer, we love shooting outdoors even in Winter. We rarely do studio sessions. When the weather is warm and beautiful outside, we have lot of choices on what to wear for a photo session. We all want to look great in the pictures but at the same time we don’t want to freeze ourselves. Just like any other outdoor activity you do in winter the answer is to layer up.

Winter Photo session in Snow

1. Dress what makes you, you!!

We all will be uncomfortable in the cold. Its really stressful to choose what to wear while trying to stay warm especially for a winter photo session. If jeans and Puffy winter jacket is your thing, we will highly recommend you choose it over a dress. Its very important that you are comfortable with what you wear for a photo session especially in winters.

2. Dress in layers for your photo session

Just like any outdoor activity even for a winter photo session, the answer is to always layer up. You can look equally cute by layering up. Choose a base layer that can wick the sweat. This layer usually hugs your body and might not be visible. Mid layer is where you can make things interesting as this will be a visible layer. Vests, crop tops, sweaters, knotted button downs, blazers and cardigans are all good options for your mid layer. This layer should still be comfortable over base layer. The outer layer is the most visible one. It can be any type of coat, jacket, trench, poncho, cape, shawl or even a vest.


dressed for a winter photo session


3. Don’t forget your feet

Keeping your feet warm can be the biggest challenge, especially on those really cold days. Similar to you trying to keep your body warm , you can layer up socks to keep your feet warm for winter photo session. Also choose good shoes. We don’t want your feet wet and cold during the session. So good waterproof boots are a must. Switch it up & wear knee high boots, ankle boots, hiking boots, etc. We would not recommend boots with heels unless you are on a sidewalk or a street. We want you to walk comfortably and stay warm at the same time.


Whyte ave Edmonton engagement photos in winter


4. What color clothes to choose for a winter photo session?

Most of the session locations in winter includes snow ( White color) and Pine trees ( Dark Green color). Because the snow is white, we recommend you to wear something that is not white. This is the time to be colorful. Blues, purple, red, burgundy, grey or brown colors are great. Saying this you can still wear light colors as long as its not too much white or cream that will blend with snow. You can also wear black as long as you don’t choose full black. We don’t want it to mix with the dark green color of the pine trees. For group sessions, we recommend you wear colors that will compliment each other. No bright funky colors though.

5. Spice it up with few accessories

Now that we are all layered up and warm, spice it up with cute toque, scarf, jewelry, handbag etc. If your clothes are plain, layer it up with plaid scarf to add some texture. You have a cute blanket laying around in the house? Bring it. Ideal blanket will be something that is big enough that you can sit on it and also warm enough to wear between the shots. If it is cute we can get few cozy photos with the blanket as well.


Edmonton LRT engagement session


You can have beautiful pictures in winter as well. Just need to know how to prepare for them. Now its time to have some fun at your winter photo session.


Did we miss mentioning anything? Let us know in comments.

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