Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist

Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist | From a Wedding Photographer

Are you engaged, or planning a Wedding? Just like planning any occasion in life, be it a work project, applying to university, a job and whatnot, you will need our Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist to plan a wedding.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have. However, each wedding is different. The ideal time to plan a wedding is 12-14 months. To help you with smooth wedding planning & be organized, you need a wedding checklist. With proper planning, your wedding day will go stress-free. This will help you be more present with your family & friends, which will lead to the best wedding photos.

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What do you need for a Wedding Checklist?

The first step in planning a wedding is you have to sit down with your Fiancé and discuss the below.

  • Type or style of wedding you both want.
  • Similarly, the time of the year you both want to get married. For some cultures, how many days of the wedding?
  • Additionally, decide on the number of guests you want to have for your wedding and create a rough guest list.
  • Discuss and set a rough budget.
  • Think of the style of venue you want and if you want to have any theme for the wedding.
  • Start researching Venues and photographers.
  • Be Organized with the planning from day 1. For instance, put together an organized binder with separate folders and sections or hire a wedding Coordinator or a wedding planner.
  • Start researching other vendors like Florist, Hair & Make-up artists, Wedding officiants, Wedding suppliers, DJs, etc.
  • Similarly, do some research on the wedding dress style you like.
  • Think about the bridal party. Do you want to have a bridal party? If yes, how many people are at your bridal party?
  • Think about DIY projects that you or your family can help you with these projects.

Once you have the above conversation, it is time to contact, visit and book vendors. Remember that venues start booking 2-3 years in advance & most photographers/vendors start booking at least a year in advance.

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How to Choose your wedding vendors including your Wedding Photographer?

The stakes on how to find a professional wedding photographer are extremely high. They are one of the key vendors to book for your wedding.

Firstly, because your wedding photos will help you re-live your wedding day again. Secondly, unlike other wedding vendors, you will not see your wedding photos on your wedding day.

So you must find a professional wedding photographer who you can trust. Your photographers will be the only people spending the entire day with you. Even more than your friends and family. Make sure you feel comfortable around them.

Before looking for a wedding photographer or any vendor, here are some tips to find a trustworthy professional wedding photographer.

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for best wedding photos

Why do you need Licensed & Insured Wedding Vendors?

License and insured vendors are very important for newly engaged couples and vendors. When the vendor is licensed and insured, it says they are real. They are in the industry for the long term. There is stability.

As for the couples, this is even more important. If something goes sideways with the vendor, couples can take legal action against licensed and insured vendors. Our legal system makes it easier to go against a licensed vendor than an individual. It is also easier to get your money back.

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12-14 Months Before the Wedding Day, Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist

This phase can become overwhelming soon. So remember to breathe and take your time to make a decision. End of the day, it’s your big day. Make it a priority to plan a wedding you both dreamed of and start crossing things off your wedding checklist.

  • Contact the venue for availability and book tours. Some venues book 2-3 years in advance. So you must contact them soon.
  • Book venue(s)
  • Pop the question once you have the decision made on the bridal party.
  • Meet with the Bridal Party and start delegating duties.
  • Book your photographer. Check our tips on how to find a professional photographer here.
  • Book your Videographer
  • Schedule appointments with bridal shops.
  • Book caterers, Hair & Makeup artists, DJs, etc.
  • Decide who is officiating your wedding. (minister, priest, Justice of the Peace)
  • Choose your Bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • Budget and plan your honeymoon.
  • Choose and order your wedding dress.
  • Decide and reserve rental items you need like a photo booth, tents, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Look into options for suits for the Groom and Groomsmen.
  • Book your hair and make-up trial.
  • Book engagement photo session.
  • Set-up Wedding Websites
  • Get a marriage license. Furthermore, check local rules, as it has specific timelines/deadline.
  • Send Save the Dates.
  • Block rooms for out-of-town guests at the venue or nearby hotel. If you are getting rooms for yourself and your Fiancé, get separate rooms. However, ask for bigger rooms with king-size beds, if available.
  • Talk to your venue & officiant about the wedding rehearsal before the wedding day.
  • Finally, send out Invitations.
  • Taste and order Wedding cake.
  • Taste and decide the menu for the Wedding day and other days if your wedding is more than one day.
  • Select, order and plan gifts for the bridal party.
  • Order guest favours and hotel Baskets.
  • Select and purchase your wedding rings.
  • Finalize floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.
  • Similarly, shop and arrange wedding venues and reception décor.
  • Decide on the song for the ceremony, first dance, Parent’s dance, and reception entrance. Finally, create a playlist with a few additional songs for backup. Store the playlist on a couple of devices.
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One Month Before Wedding Day, Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist

Woohooo !!! Now that everything is in order, the countdown is ON. It’s time for the final touches. In addition, double-check your wedding checklist. It’s your last chance to order missed items. Your big day is almost here.

  1. Create a list with the timeline of events for the wedding week and the wedding day.
  2. Have final dress fitting for Bride and groom and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  3. Think about table plan display, finalize seating arrangements and print or make table cards.
  4. Confirm final details with all vendors and suppliers.
  5. Confirm menu and dietary requirements with the caterer.
  6. Send song suggestions and a playlist to the DJ.
  7. Write Speeches/Vows.
  8. Confirm with the Officiant.
  9. Send a photo list to the photographer.
  10. In addition, finalize the guest list and send RSVP reminders if they have not yet responded.
  11. Lastly, start using wedding shoes or sandals.
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One Week before the Wedding day: Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist

It’s almost here! All things considered, it can be stressful and exciting. Above all, You got this!!

  1. Firstly, go over the checklist to confirm again.
  2. Start organizing things to pack for the wedding day. For example, pack items you want your photographer to take photos of separately.
  3. Prepare for your photographer on the wedding day.
  4. Furthermore, Confirm the final numbers with the caterer and the venue.
  5. Visit the venue or chat with the wedding coordinator about timelines and placements (DJ, cake, first dance, etc.)
  6. In addition, confirm the timelines with vendors.
  7. Get the beauty treatments like waxing, facials, and hair treatments done.
  8. Withdraw money ( look into your daily limit ), write cheques, or organize envelopes with cash for final payments to the vendors.
  9. Assign bridesmaids/groomsmen as the contact person on the day and send their contact info to all the vendors.
  10. Most importantly, meet Bridesmaids/Groomsmen to go over timelines and responsibilities for the wedding day with them.
  11. Last but not least, do the walkthrough rehearsal.

All of the above will help you have a stress-free wedding day which will lead to the best wedding photos.

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Enjoy, Celebrate and create as many memories as possible.

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Did we forget to add something to the checklist? Let us know by commenting below.

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