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Yay! Congratulations on your engagement. The stakes on how to find a professional wedding photographer are extremely high. They are one of the key vendors to book for your wedding.

Firstly, because your wedding photos will help you re-live your wedding day again. Secondly, unlike other wedding vendors, you will not see your wedding photos on your wedding day.

So you must find a professional wedding photographer who you can trust. Your photographers will be the only people spending the entire day with you. Even more than your friends and family. Make sure you feel comfortable around them.

Before looking for a wedding photographer or any vendor, here are some tips to find a trustworthy professional photographer.

Professional wedding photographer


Before you search for a photographer, have a date set for your wedding. Understand the coverage time needed, so you can compare the packages or quotes you get easily. Check out our article on wedding day timelines to find the hours of coverage you will need.

Once you have the date and the number of hours of coverage you need, it’s time for you to find the right photographer. Just like everything else, google for Wedding Photographers in your (city name). Eg: Wedding photographers Edmonton

Wedding day photos at Chinese Wedding at Grand Imperial Banquet Edmonton


This is one of the hard questions to answer. There are so many different photographers, different styles of photography, different price points etc. As a photographer myself, let me help you find the right one.

Search on Google for wedding photographers (your location). We are located in Edmonton. So it will be Wedding Photographers Edmonton. Now, create an Excel document with 3 columns. Yes, No and Maybe. From your list of yes, schedule a video call or meet in person

  1. Schedule a Video call or meet in person

We all have busy lifestyles. Sometimes, we can’t meet all the vendors in person. Hence the handy video calls. This will help you see if you vibe with them your photo and video team are the only people who will spend your wedding day with you. So it is very important that you connect with them and that your personalities match. This will make your wedding photography experience intimate and fun.

Once you meet your photo-video team, here are a few questions you should ask before you book your professional wedding photographer. 

  1. Do they have a business license? If things go wrong, it is not a person responsible. Instead, it is a legal entity responsible.
  2. Do they have liability insurance? This protects you, the venue, and the photographer in case of injuries or any damages.
  3. Will they be photographing your wedding or will they be sending someone else? If they are sending someone else, please ask for a call with that person before you book the photographer.
  4. How many real weddings have they photographed?
  5. How many photographers will be at the wedding?
  6. How do they approach a wedding day? Will they script the day or will they let you do your thing and they photograph
  7. What is the process after the wedding?
  8. When can you expect your wedding photographs?
  9. Lastly, make sure you are signing a contract before you send the retainer.
  10. What is their Cancellation policy?
  11. How flexible are they if there is a last-minute change to your wedding date?
  12. Are there any hidden costs?
  13. Last but most important question, why do they become wedding photographers?
Wedding Photographer
  1. What do their Wedding Photography Packages include?

The majority of Wedding Photography packages include photographer(s), coverage time, high-resolution photos, Bonus Engagement photos or Save the date sessions, Wedding Photo Books, Wall portraits and so on.

Not all photographers offer the same type of package. So contact your top favourites to get detailed information on what they offer.

  1. Type of Photography

Every professional wedding photographer has a style. Examples include Candid & documentary, editorial, dark & moody, Fine- art, Light & airy etc. Being unfamiliar with photography styles is normal. Look at the photography styles of a few photographers and filter the ones you don’t like. Now, look through the photographers with similar styles and shortlist the top 5 you like.

Wedding First Dance Candid Wedding Photos Timeless Tales Creatives (1)
  1. See their full range of Work

You have found the photography style you like. You have talked to the wedding photographers and obtained information about their packages. However, you still need more details to book them.

The photos you see on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are not their best work. Ask the photographers for a full wedding gallery. That is where you will see their complete work. Be 100% confident that you like their work before you confirm.

Walterdale Bridge Edmonton Engagement Session at Sunrise

  1. How much does a wedding photographer cost?

When you look at the Photographer’s portfolio, check their starting price. Most of the time, the website will have the starting price. If not, ask the photographers for the pricing.

After your consultation calls, you will learn more about the average price range for a photography style you like. Additionally, you will learn about their packages. Not all photographers have similar pricing. On average, good wedding photographers cost from $3000 to $10000

If you can afford the price and like their work, narrow down your choice. If not, look at what you can afford and search for photographers based on that.

Shortlist your top 5 and choose the one you love the most.

Vietnamese Wedding at Mirage Banquet Edmonton Professional Wedding Photographer

Once you have all the above information, it’s time to read and sign the contract. Read it a few times to confirm you don’t miss any details.

Once you sign the contract, Congratulations. You have officially booked your professional wedding photographer.

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