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Do you need Engagement or Save the date Photos?

As Wedding Photographers, most of the time we hear ” We are not photo people, so I don’t want Engagement photos or Save the date photos”. ” When did engagement photos or Save date Photos become a thing”? “My partner doesn’t like being in the photos, so we are going to pass it. ”  Most of the time people don’t know if they want Engagement or Save the date Photos.

Getting engaged is one of the biggest milestones in life and so photos are a must for future memories. In addition, these photos document how your relationship grows. They can also be used in Invitations, Engagement and wedding Announcements, Wedding RSVP sites, Save the date cards, Wedding Invitations and also in personalized wedding favors.

Walterdale bridge engagement session

Why Do you need Engagement or Save the date Photos?

We just spoke about where the engagement photos can be used. But that is not all. Instead of hiring a photographer to capture just the engagement photos separately, look for a Wedding Photographer. The reason is most Wedding Photographers include engagement sessions in their packages. Consider the engagement session as a test for you as well as your photographer. You are testing your photographer for how they take photos or how they will work with you. Your photographer is testing you on how you are as a couple, understanding your good sides as well as how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Most importantly they are looking for what you don’t like when you are in front of the camera. You don’t want your photographers to experiment with or understand you on the wedding day when stress levels are high. That’s why we recommend all our couples get engagement photos so they know what to expect on their Wedding day.

When is the best time to get Engagement or Save the date Photos?

You can basically get them any time of the year. It mostly depends on what you want. For example, if you are getting married in Fall, you can choose to have Engagement Photographs in Summer, spring or Winter. This will help you have photos in a different season compared to your Wedding Photos. Also if your Wedding Photos have more of a nature theme, you can choose to have your Engagement session in the city or even do some type of activity that’s close to your heart.

Sunset engagement photo session in edmonton

What to wear for engagement Photos

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and make you feel like yourself. As for colours, look for something that complements each other. No big patterns or bright colours. Pastels & Neutral tones are great choices. Also, ask your photographer if they will allow a change of outfits and different locations. If so you can have different outfits for each location.

Oilers themed engagement session

How much do engagement sessions cost?

Most photographers have Engagement sessions included in their packages. Instead of looking for a photographer only to capture your engagement session or save the date photos, we will recommend trying to find a Wedding Photographer who has engagement sessions included in the packages. This will help you not only to save your wedding cost but also work with your Wedding Photographer and get to know them before your wedding day.

How long after engagement should we take the engagement photos?

I would recommend engagement photos be done earlier in your engagement phase. There is no set time. You can choose to have a short engagement or a long one, depending on when your wedding date is. Once you are in the Wedding planning phase, time just goes by quickly. So we recommend scheduling the photo session as soon as you book your photographer. This also gives the photographer time to edit your photos and get back to you.

Lastly, get prepared to laugh a lot, and have fun at your Engagement photo session. Most importantly get ready to fall in love with your person again.

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