How to plan a Wedding once you get Engaged

Within minutes of announcing your engagement, you will get suggestions on how to plan a wedding. You likely will start getting questions from friends and family. When are you both getting married? Do you have a date set yet? Where are you planning to get married? Things can get overwhelming as you feel the pressure of wedding planning.

Wedding First Dance

Banquet Hall Wedding Venues in Edmonton

Banquet hall venues in Edmonton are a great place to throw a birthday party, celebrate Sweet Sixteen or even host Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions. If your event requires food catering, banquet hall venues are your best option. Being Professional Photographers, we always visit various Banquet hall venues in Edmonton to Photograph different events. Based on […]

Wedding reception at Pioneer Cabin in Edmonton Alberta

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Edmonton

With long winters and unpredictable thunderstorms in summer, Edmonton has some beautiful Wedding Venues that fit every size and style of celebration. Whether it is an Intimate, simple or grand wedding you will find something that will help you find the venue here.

Outdoor Wedding venues in Edmonton

Tamil Brahmin Weddings- A Part of South Indian Weddings

What Happens in a Tamil Brahmin Wedding and how long are the weddings? The wedding rituals last up to 3-5 days with a lot of traditions and pre-post wedding rituals. The ladies wear colourful silk sarees with flowers and gold jewelry, while the men wear Dhoti ( a loose piece of clothing covering their lower […]

Engagement Photo Session at Gold Bar park in Edmonton

What are Engagement Photo Sessions? Engagement sessions are also called Pre-wedding Photo sessions. Most Wedding photo packages in Edmonton include complimentary Engagement sessions. It is an opportunity for couples to get to know their photographer and at the same time, the photographer also will get to know you. We recommend all our couples get the […]

Engagement Photo Session at Gold Bar Park

What is Jago or Jaggo ceremony in Punjabi/Sikh Wedding?

As Edmonton Wedding Photographers, we often get to photograph Punjabi or Sikh Weddings. Each culture in India has its customs and traditions that are entirely different. One of the cultures that we came across is Sikh. Some people also call them Punjabis. One of the most important events in any Sikh wedding is the Jago or Jaggo ceremony. Nandini […]

Jago or jaago ceremony in Punjabi or sikh weddings

WEDDING CHECKLIST: Your First Step in planning a wedding

Planning a wedding can easily become overwhelming. After consulting with our past brides, we created our wedding checklist to help you plan your wedding day

Wedding planning Checklist

5 things to prepare for a winter photo session

I don’t think anyone enjoys being outside in winter. Jay and Myself ( Nandini) come from a place where there is no concept of winter. So …

5 things couples should do to prepare for their Wedding getting ready photos

5 things Bride & Groom should do to prepare for their photographer on wedding day.

Getting ready photos

5 things to prepare for your Engagement Photo Session

You have complementary Engagement Photo Session or Pre-Wedding Session as part of your Wedding Photography Package? Not sure what to wear…

Fall Engagement Photo Session