When we first met, our shared love for photography brought us together. Witnessing the joyous energy of couples getting married and meeting their loved ones is something we both cherish deeply and are grateful to be a part of. Here you will find tips and ideas to plan the wedding of your dreams that will result in stunning wedding photographs you can cherish forever. We are so glad you are here!

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Where to take Wedding Photos in Edmonton

Before we share the list of locations for wedding photos in Edmonton, as wedding photographers, we want to discuss what we look for when scouting locations for weddings. How do you choose a location for your wedding photos in Edmonton? Depending on your wedding day timeline, wedding photos happen between Noon & 5.30 PM. If […]

6 hidden Engagement Photo locations Edmonton | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for Engagement Photo locations Edmonton, there are stunning choices year-round. No matter the time of the year, this city’s beauty shines through in countless beautiful locations. Here are 6 hidden Engagement Photo locations Edmonton. 1. Remedy Cafe ( Whyte Ave) The coffee shop has a unique location where you can get […]

Engagement Photo locations Edmonton - Timeless Tales Creatives

Walterdale Bridge Edmonton Engagement Session at Sunrise | David & Teressa

The Walterdale Bridge Edmonton engagement session was truly magical during our sunrise engagement session! It was a crisp morning with fall colours just starting to paint the surroundings with their vibrant hues. The air was refreshingly cool, and the world felt so serene at that early hour. What made this experience even more special was […]

Walterdale Bridge Edmonton Engagement Session at Sunrise

River Valley Engagement Photos Edmonton | Edmonton Photographer | Helen & Joseph

River Valley engagement photos Edmonton can be a beautiful and romantic way to capture your love and excitement before your wedding. There are many river valley lookouts in Edmonton but this has been our couple’s favourite. The lush greenery and the view of the river create a beautiful backdrop. The best time for a session […]

River valley Engagement Photo locations Edmonton

Creative Whyte Avenue Edmonton Engagement Session | Anisha & Todd

Anisha and Todd’s charming Whyte Avenue Edmonton engagement session holds a unique and sentimental significance as they lovingly recreated their very first date. Their initial plan for their first date was to meet up for a simple coffee, but fate had other plans in store for them. As they sat together at Remedy Cafe Jasper, […]

Whyte Avenue Edmonton Engagement Session

10 Questions to ask when touring Wedding Venues in Alberta Canada

One of the most essential tasks in your wedding planning process is deciding When and Where you will have your wedding. Choosing “the where” is one of the biggest decisions. If unprepared, it can be stressful. Once you come across a venue that has set your heart pumping, here are 10 questions to ask when […]

Outdoor wedding venue Edmonton

How to Create an Ultimate Emergency Kit for Canadian Weddings | From a Wedding Photographer

Yes, You Really Do Need this Emergency Kit for Canadian Weddings. How do I know? Well, because I’ve personally been to over a hundred weddings and someone always forgets something. Always. In fact, it’s become so common that we’ve actually started keeping our own Wedding Emergency Kit for Canadian Weddings stocked and ready to go […]

Emergency Kit for Canadian Weddings

Chinese Wedding Timeline with a Tea Ceremony

To understand how long your Chinese/Asian wedding is or how long you need your wedding photographers, it is important to create a wedding timeline with a tea ceremony. How long is your Chinese Wedding? Some couples prefer to have the tea ceremony on the same day as the ceremony and banquet, which makes the day […]

Wedding day timeline with a tea ceremony

Punjabi/Sikh Indian Wedding Timelines

For Indians or any other desi’s living abroad, the phrase Indian Wedding timelines is very generic. There are so many cultures and traditions that there is no one way to define a generic Indian Wedding Timeline. There are different cultures in India. Here you will find timelines for various cultures starting with Punjabi/Sikh Indian Wedding […]

Punjabi or Sikh weddings in Edmonton

Unique Winter Venues in Edmonton

Before we talk about Unique Winter Venues in Edmonton, let’s talk about winter weddings. A lot of couples plan for spring, summer or fall weddings. Living in Alberta means there are more winter months compared to other seasons. Most important is that winter weddings are beautiful. Even though it’s cold to be outside, they are […]

Winter wedding venues in Edmonton

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