Wedding Photography Tips for Edmonton seasons

Capturing the Magic: Wedding Photography Tips for Edmonton Seasons

Edmonton, Alberta, experiences all four different seasons, each offering its unique charm and beauty. For couples planning their wedding in Edmonton, embracing the changing seasons can add an extra layer of magic. However, each season brings its own set of challenges and opportunities for wedding photographs. As wedding photographers in Edmonton, we want to help you navigate the nuances of Edmonton’s seasons and have stunning photographs. Here are some essential wedding photography tips for Edmonton seasons for the best wedding day photos.

Spring Wedding:

Spring Wedding photography tips for Edmonton seasons

The best start time for a spring wedding is typically mid-morning or mid/late afternoon. This allows for comfortable temperatures, plenty of natural light, and the chance to showcase the season’s blooming flowers. Book a venue with flexible outdoor/indoor options for your spring wedding, so the weather won’t ruin the day. Here are some wedding photography tips for Edmonton’s Spring Season.

  1. Embrace the Blooms: Spring in Edmonton brings an array of colourful blooms and blossoms. Take advantage of nature’s beauty by incorporating blooming flowers into your wedding portraits. As wedding photographers, we explore local parks, botanical gardens, or even cherry blossom groves for picturesque backdrops.
  2. Be Prepared for Weather Changes: Spring weather in Edmonton can be unpredictable, with sudden rain showers or even snow flurries.
  3. Assume it will be windy and style your hair accordingly.
  4. Have a backup plan and bring along umbrellas or blankets for outdoor photos.
  5. Vests are a perfect option for spring weddings because they provide the right level of warmth to keep you comfortable during a breezy and cold outdoor ceremony.
  6. Spring can be an extended winter, a slushy mess or summer-like weather. You will need to be flexible. Discuss multiple options for wedding day portraits when planning a spring wedding.
  7. With construction season starting watch out for travel delays on the wedding day.

Let’s embrace the elements and use them to our advantage for a stress-free wedding day.

Summer Wedding:

Summer Wedding photography tips for edmonton seasons

Keeping the warm weather and longer hours of sunshine in mind, many couples choose to get married in the summer. And for many wedding photographers, summer weddings come as a treat too! The relaxed atmosphere, the pastel colour themes, and the bright sunshine create the perfect setting for light and airy wedding photography too. Here, we bring you some summer wedding photography tips for Edmonton seasons that could help you be better prepared for your day.

  1. Have the sun behind you so you are not squinting in the photos.
  2. Ensure your wedding party and guests are comfortable, especially if your outdoor wedding ceremony is in the sun. Provide shade, portable fans, or cold beverages to keep everyone cool and hydrated during the day. Happy, comfortable guests make for great candid photos.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Summer temperatures in Edmonton can soar, so stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if your wedding is outdoors. Assign a bridesmaids with the task of bringing water to you both.
  4. Golden Hour Photos: Edmonton summers boast long days and beautiful golden hours. Schedule Wedding Day Portraits during the golden hour to take advantage of the soft, flattering natural light for stunning wedding photographs.

Fall Wedding:

Fall Wedding photography tips for edmonton seasons
  1. Embrace the Colors: Fall in Edmonton paints the landscape with vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold. Incorporate the stunning fall foliage into your wedding photographs by choosing outdoor locations with colourful trees and foliage. Capture the warmth and coziness of the season by using rich, earthy tones in your compositions.
  2. Plan for the early sunsets.
  3. Dress for the Weather: Fall weather in Edmonton can be crisp and cool, so have your friends and family dressed appropriately for an outdoor wedding and photo session.
  4. Consider layering with cozy wraps, jackets, or scarves that complement the colour scheme of the wedding.
  5. If the ceremony is outdoors, it might be too cold for the guests sitting. Have hand warmers or space heaters in the tents.
  6. Serving hot chocolate or hot rum punch is always a hit after an outdoor ceremony.

While summer weddings remain popular, tying the knot as the colours change and the air turns crisp can be a great way to switch things up and put a whole new twist on your big day.

Winter Wedding:

Winter Wedding photography tips for edmonton seasons

Winter outdoor session times are much less than the summer ones because of the cold. The bitter cold can seep into your bones and make you uncomfortable. Therefore, this can result in frigid-looking winter wedding photography. Or, it may want you to end the photos sooner. Alternatively, we can choose an indoor location for the wedding day portraits. Red noses, runny nostrils, watery eyes, and cold can also create problems. If these issues are not a concern, then winter wedding photos can be one of the unique photo sessions. Here are some winter wedding photography tips for Edmonton seasons.

  1. Winter Embrace the Snow: Edmonton winters transform the city into a winter wonderland, providing a magical backdrop for wedding photographs. Embrace the snow by choosing outdoor locations with snowy landscapes or incorporating winter-themed props like sleds or skis into your shots.
  2. Keep Warm: Winter temperatures in Edmonton can be bitterly cold, so it’s essential to dress warmly for outdoor shoots.
  3. Invest in thermal underlayers, insulated boots, and hand warmers to keep everyone comfortable during the photo sessions.
  4. Consider adding warm beverages like hot cocoa or mulled wine for your winter wedding photos for added coziness.
  5. The days are shorter. So plan for an early ceremony time.
  6. Sunsets are quicker in winter. In addition, in Edmonton, the sun doesn’t set in the west in winter.
  7. Winter is the best time to include colours in your wedding. It will create gorgeous winter wedding photographs.
  8. Choose a location closer to the car for wedding day portraits so you can warm up if needed.

By following these wedding photography tips tailored to Edmonton’s seasons, you can have stress-free wedding day with memorable images that reflect the beauty and charm of each season, ensuring a timeless and magical wedding album.

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