Whyte Avenue Edmonton Engagement Session

Creative Whyte Avenue Edmonton Engagement Session | Anisha & Todd

Anisha and Todd’s charming Whyte Avenue Edmonton engagement session holds a unique and sentimental significance as they lovingly recreated their very first date. Their initial plan for their first date was to meet up for a simple coffee, but fate had other plans in store for them. As they sat together at Remedy Cafe Jasper, they found themselves enjoying each other.

Hand in hand, they went on a leisurely stroll along vibrant Whyte Ave which then led to dinner at The Workshop Eatery.

For their engagement session, they did the same where we met at Remedy cafe, took a stroll around Whyte Avenue and went to the Walterdale bridge area to catch the sunset. The colours of the sky painted a vivid backdrop to their love story, with the Edmonton skyline serving as a witness to their shared dreams and aspirations. They then went to the Workshop Eatery for a nice dinner date.

Photos from their Whyte Avenue Edmonton Engagement Session

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