Vietnamese Tea ceremony in Edmonton

How to plan a wedding Tea Ceremony in Canada

A Chinese / Vietnamese wedding tea ceremony is one of the most significant wedding traditions. Being a big part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese weddings, it represents a union of two families. It is an opportunity for the couple to show respect and gratitude towards their families.

What is the purpose of the wedding tea ceremony?

For most couples, the wedding tea ceremony is where they meet all their respective family members. Preparing and drinking tea is a meditative process that will bring harmony and inner peace to guests by allowing them to take a break from the outside world and focus on the moment of serving and drinking tea. The newlywed couple pays their respects by addressing the elders by their formal titles, serving them a cup of tea and receiving blessings for their union. Most importantly, they are officially welcomed into the family.

What type of tea set and tea can be used?

For a tea ceremony, you will need a complete tea set that includes a teapot, tea strainer, kettle, tray, tea leaf holder and cups. Alternatively, if you don’t want to rinse the cups to serve tea, you can also use small disposable cups. You can choose any type of tea. White tea, Black tea, Orange blossom, ground green tea or matcha are some popular tea types.

Where to host the tea ceremony

Tea ceremony in Canada

Traditionally, both families host each other for a tea ceremony. Alternatively, if there is not enough space in the house, you can rent a place on Airbnb, book a hotel banquet or host at the venue itself. In contrast to the indoor tea ceremony, you can host it outdoors in a garden or on a patio. Some modern families also combine their tea ceremonies and host them at one location. The bride’s family always hosts the groom’s family first. Then it is followed by the bride’s family.

How to best prepare for Wedding Tea ceremony photographs?

The Tea ceremony traditions vary by region, or from family to family. The tea ceremonies start with the eldest in the family. Usually, the older people sit on a chair while the couple kneels on pillows facing them. For the best photos, make sure there is space around you. So the photographers can go around getting all the facial reactions. When the couple is giving tea to someone younger than them, both the couple and the younger person will stand. Leaving space around will help your photo & video team to capture the photographs & video beautifully.

Wedding Tea ceremony in Edmonton Alberta

How long does a Chinese wedding tea ceremony take?

It depends on the total number of people. For around 50 people from each side, it will take about 1.5-2 hours together. The more people, the more time it takes. Don’t forget to include travel time when you create timelines.

What is the wedding dress code for the Tea ceremony?

Chinese Bride tea ceremony

The bride usually wears traditional satin or silk dress with gold accents while the groom wears a red collar jacket and pants. As for the guests, avoid colours like red ( as the bride wears red) and black or white, as they are the colours people wear at Chinese funerals. Purples, pink and warm tones are some of the great options. Check with the couple to see how formal the ceremony will be for the dress code.

What gifts to give during a tea ceremony?

After the couple serves tea, the guests or family members will express their best wishes and blessings for the newlyweds by gifting them red envelopes or jewellery. When giving a red envelope, it is considered good luck to put in an amount that ends with 8 or 9.

Bonus Tips

  1. Assign one of your bridesmaids to collect the red envelopes in the order you received them. This will help you identify who the red envelope was from and can thank them after the wedding.
  2. Get disposable cups to avoid washing cups for serving tea.
  3. Assign one bridesmaid to make tea, one to pour tea and the other to dispose of the used cups.
  4. Wherever you are having a tea ceremony, make sure the room has natural light and it can fit all the guests.

Planning on having your tea ceremony the day before the wedding, here is how you can create your Wedding day timeline with different days Tea ceremony

Wedding day timeline with a tea ceremony on the same day

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