Punjabi or Sikh weddings in Edmonton

Punjabi or Sikh Wedding in Edmonton

Punjabi or Sikh Weddings like Indian Weddings are full of colour, love, and delicious food. Let’s not forget their love for music and Bangra (dance) moves. Punjab is a state in India and many Punjabis embrace Sikh culture hence people call Sikh weddings Punjabi weddings as well. With so many traditions and rituals the weddings happen over the span of 4-5 days. Some of the pre-wedding ceremonies include Roka, Chunni ceremony, Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, Jaago, Chuda ceremony and many more. 

What happens at a Punjabi or Sikh Wedding

The Punjabi or Sikh wedding ceremony is called Anand Karaj which means Blissful Union. The ceremony takes place at the Sikh Temple ( Gurudwara). The bride and groom will sit side by side facing the Guru-Granth-Sahib. They sing Sikh hymns. The main ceremony is very simple and it takes about an hour.

The Priest conducting the marriage performs the four Lavan or stanzas from the Guru-Granth-Sahib ( Holy book for the Sikhs ). Upon completing the reading of the first stanza, the couple will walk slowly around the holy book in a clockwise direction, with the groom leading the bride.  

At the completion of the round, the couple returns to their positions however they will remain standing for the remaining three hymns. The process of circumambulation is repeated three more times after each Lavan. The raagis sing the lavans in the background while the couple performs the Pheras. The raagis sing hymns of Anand Sahib. An ardaas is offered as an indication that the wedding ceremony is complete. A random Hymn from the holy book is chosen to be recited while khatah prasad (desert) is distributed. 

Once the wedding ceremony is done, the bride and groom visit the bride’s home for some post-wedding rituals. Once the rituals are complete, they leave for the groom’s house. At the groom’s house, there are more rituals that are performed by the bride and groom. 

Our Wedding Photography Experience

Having experience in Punjabi or Sikh Wedding Photography we can anticipate and also capture the subtle traditions that are integral to the wedding ceremony. We understand the significant cultural aspects and this helps us capture and create images that are special and have an impact on the couple.

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