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6 hidden Engagement Photo locations Edmonton | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for Engagement Photo locations Edmonton, there are stunning choices year-round. No matter the time of the year, this city’s beauty shines through in countless beautiful locations.

Here are 6 hidden Engagement Photo locations Edmonton.

1. Remedy Cafe ( Whyte Ave)

The coffee shop has a unique location where you can get photos inside the cafe ( with permission) and also use the floor-to-ceiling windows to create unique photos. In summer, they also have patio space that you can use for the photos. After this, you can explore Whyte Ave for fun and take additional photos.

Here is the engagement session we did at Remedy Cafe. The couple had their first date here and explored Whyte Ave. We recreated their first date when we did their engagement session.

Whyte Ave Edmonton Engagement Session

2. River Valley Edmonton Engagement Photo Locations

Edmonton has beautiful river valley views and it is beautiful year-round. Here is a gallery of our recent River Valley engagement photos in Edmonton

River valley Engagement Photo locations Edmonton

3. Sunrise session at Walterdale bridge

The seasons and time of the day play a role in light and photos. When we think of an engagement session, it is usually a sunset session because the time of the day is comfortable. Sunrise sessions, even though it means you have to wake up a bit early, it is absolutely beautiful. Another advantage of a sunrise engagement session is that you can have the fresh air and the whole place to yourself. Here is the link for the photos from the sunrise Engagement session at the Walterdale Bridge

Sunrise session at Walterdale Bridge

4. Strathcona Science Park Engagement Photo locations Edmonton

The sunset is so beautiful at the Strathcona Science Park. This is also a great place for photos during the day ( wedding portraits ) as there is a lot of shade here and it looks beautiful too. Here are a few photos from this sunset engagement photo session.

Indian sunset Engagement Ceremony - Timeless Tales Creatives

5. Irene Parlby Park

Right before the downtown, this park is beautifully located closer to the river valley and with a view of Edmonton’s downtown. As you walk the neighbourhood, you get different varieties of photos from skyline view, park, under the bridge, greenery, river valley and residential. There is also a nice spot here to get a beautiful view of the Alberta Legislature.

Irene Parlby Park Engagement Photo locations Edmonton - Timeless Tales Creatives

6. Kaffa Coffee Roastery glamour session

We always recommend our couples do something different or meaningful for the photos. Starting from recreating first dates to coffee shop hopping. It is also a great idea to do both natural light sessions as well as the ones we use our own lights. Even with the same location, they both create a very different dynamic for the photos.

Coffee shop glamour session

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